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Herb Season Gift Sets


Shop your favorite Herb Season Scents as gift sets. Whether you're a gifter or want to enjoy a set for yourself, each one has been crafted to provide you with the most peaceful aromas.

All sets include: Two 15 oz. Original Candles & One 2 oz. Herb Calming Air Spray

100% Soy wax

Over 40 hours burn time

Made with essential oils

•Tropical Pack- 1 Coco OG Candle, 1 Gelato Candle, 1 Coco OG Air Spray

•Summer Pack- 1 Maui Wowie, 1 Coco OG Candle, 1 Gelato Air Spray

•Cozy Pack- 1 White Widow Candle, 1 Purple Urkle Candle, 1 Blue Dream Air Spray

•Breeze Pack- 1 Blue Dream Candle, 1 Gelato Candle, 1 Maui Wowie Air Spray